If you prefer to spend your time outdoors to enjoy the pleasant weather, you should consider getting a garden building constructed for your home. The garden buildings are an extension of a home and they can be customized according to the requirement of the user.

While some people use their garden building as a space to relax, others use it as an office, gym or even cinemas .

The insulated garden building can be utilized throughout the year, though it is used most extensively in summer. Having a garden building will also increase the value of the property to a great extent.

We have many years of experience in constructing garden buildings for a large number of clients. Our portfolio includes different types of garden rooms ranging from a garden gym to garden office and spas for relaxation.

We take care of all aspects of the garden building like heating, lighting systems, security and furniture. Our experienced and skilled design team will work closely with you to convert your dream garden building into reality.

Our bespoke garden buildings are functional and have all the features requested by our clients. The wooden insulated garden buildings will be designed based on the area available for installation in the property.

The garden building will be aesthetically well designed and enhance the appearance of your property. Based on your budget, the garden building can be unfurnished or furnished, and it will also have the equipment you specify installed.

The insulated garden room will be handmade by our skilled craftspersons according to your specifications. Thermowood and other high-quality timber such as Cedar can be used for making the garden room.

The timber used is extremely durable, strong and valuable, adding to the value.

You can check our large portfolio of garden buildings to choose a suitable design for your own garden room or get a custom-designed garden building.

Many property owners would like to find out if they have to get garden buildings planning permission from the local authorities before ordering one for their home.

We ensure that the garden house building structure will conform to the relevant legal regulations. Hence usually our customers do not have to apply separately for planning permission. The garden room is considered a permitted development if the height and size is within the specified limits.

However, if the garden building is very large or used for commercial purposes, a separate application for permission may be required. Each garden building design is reviewed by experts.

The garden building can be used for a wide range of applications like relaxing, socialising and dining. The outdoor building is designed considering security requirements.

The doors are made from hardwood timber, and the windows are lockable. Security systems can also be installed. Since the doors, windows and walls are insulated and a heating system is installed, the garden building can be used even in winter. Tables, chairs,bars, bar furniture and other furniture can be provided if required.

We also install the garden building on your premises. For more information or to order your garden building, please contact using the form provide or call us.